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hUJe Friday nights
20th May 10pm-6am

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Info for 20th May party:

Door prices:

10pm-midnight £8
after midnight £10
hUJe, Twist, Essential members (with card) £2 discount
Paying guestlist £1 discount
21-hour-party tickets (entry to hUJe Friday night, Essential @414 - our official between-party - and hUJe Saturday afternoon) available on Friday night @ 10 b4 11pm, 14 later

Following the success of the launch in April where everyone had such a great time, we're cranking it up another notch this month and bringing in two DJs to join the family; as well as our popular regular Kris Noble, we're excited about the return of Gorfy who's not played at hUJe since the autumn.

We'd been getting such a lot of grief about more night-time parties from hUJe people that can't make it along to Saturday afternoons, that we had to find a more regular way of putting them on. We'll carry on doing Saturday afternoon each week, and 18 hour specials from time to time, but we've also started a regular Friday night event - one per month, on the third Friday. We've arranged with Essential at Club 414 for them to be our official between-party so that you can carry on partying with us in central Brixton right through from Friday night to Saturday evening.

As well as the full-on night-time party-vibe of the 18 hour specials and creating a unique environment with our individual decor, we'll be bringing in our laughing gas and tea stall and the renowned NRG light & laser show by to drive the dancefloor... and revelling in playing on the recently-upgraded 3rd Base soundsystem.

DJs (check back near the day for set times):

Gorfy (No Limits, Smile, Casualty, Planet Potato)
Kris Noble (hUJe)
Jari (Undertow, hUJe)
Ualda (hUJe)
hUJe John

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