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2 Rooms of Festive Friday Fun with hUJe & MENTHOL
Friday 16 December 2005

A selection of pictures from hUJe parties, autorunning to save all that clicking: [ Start/Stop ]

Info for 16 December party:

Door prices:

10pm-midnight £10
after midnight £12
hUJe, Twist, Menthol members (with card) £2 discount
Paying guestlist £1 discount

This month we jointly celebrate MENTHOL's first birthday and Christmas... and on top of that it's Taz (MENTHOL promoter)'s birthday too!

In the MENTHOL room, the three residents are joined this month by special guest Anthony Dean playing his EXCLUSIVE LIVE set featuring Stacey Kitson on vocals and accompanying musicians. He played in April at Fire & went down a storm, this time he will have some new songs & tunes for you. We are honoured he is keeping his LIVE sets exclusive to MENTHOL and look forward to welcoming him back. We're also going to have some extra birthday surprises in store on top of all this - so make sure you don't miss this one, it's time to go totally MENTHOL!!!!

In the hUJe room, all 13 residents are going to be celebrating Christmas together! Yes, the sets are going to be a bit short, but we're all just as happy jumping around the dancefloor as we are jumping behind the decks! There's going to be such chaos we've decided to keep the decks up top this time; we know it would have been impossible to behave ourselves enough to avoid making the records jump - which is going to mean you've got even more room to dance - and a bit of stage for the more immodest to do it on!

We're going to bring in the same top quality lighting and colour lasers in each room by Clubtek - and raising some of the other production a notch or two as well... pyrotechnics and fab UV decor as you'd expect. We'll also be organising some birthday / christmas surprises for you.

The November launch party was a massive success: people proved we are London's two friendliest, most up-for-it parties... mixing together really happily and accepting and enjoying each other's company and music straightaway. The only problem was deciding where to be - we were always enjoying something in one room and missing something in the other!


hUJe room:


22.00 - 22.50 Rachel UV ( hUJe )
22.50 - 23.25 Fleur UV ( hUJe )
23.25 - 00.00 Kris Noble ( hUJe )
00.00 - 00.35 Marcus Rich ( Techstyle, hUJe )
00.35 - 01.10 Venus ( hUJe )
01.10 - 01.45 Mad Theo ( Undertow, hUJe, Logic )
01.45 - 02.20 hUJe John
02.20 - 02.55 Lana M ( Planet Potato, hUJe )
02.55 - 03.30 Ualda ( hUJe )
03.30 - 04.05 Andy McCall ( hUJe, EZ-Duzzit, Shining )
04.05 - 04.40 Jari ( Undertow, hUJe )
04.40 - 05.15 Stelvio ( Undertow )
05.15 - 06.00 Faster Toni ( Caned, Raw, hUJe )
22.00 - 00.00 Nelly B ( MENTHOL )
00.00 - 02.00 Lil'Vik ( MENTHOL )
02.00 - 04.00 Anthony Dean Live feat. Stacey Kitson & percussion ( Knowwhere )
04.00 - 06.00 Steve Higgins ( MENTHOL )

Here's the flyer if you haven't seen it already: