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hUJe - each Saturday at Mass
Next special - 14th MAY
celebrating a year of 18 hour specials

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Info for 14th May party:

Door prices:

12pm-1pm £5 (£4 if dressed costumed/colourful/outrageous)
1pm-7pm £6
7pm-midnight £8
after midnight £10
hUJe, Twist, Essential members (with card) £2 discount
Paying guestlist £1 discount

These are the ones that everyone specially looks forward to; a whole eighteen hours of the best dance music surrounded by all the friends we've made daytime partying! Are you going to be one of those to make it all the way through? Start training as soon as possible cos once you've started dancing you're not going to want to stop!

This time it's a year of 18 hour specials that we're celebrating... and to make it extra special, each DJ will be playing a solo set and a back-to-back set. Except Ualda, of course, who's playing several back-to-backs!

Eighteen hours makes it even easier to make sure you don't miss the fun - even if you're committed elsewhere too; though we have to admit, once you're on the dancefloor it's not easy to leave!

Of course we'll be doing our best to help your comfort and enjoyment: there's a proper bouncy wooden dance floor and plenty of comfy chairs in the Mass and we'll draft in some extra cushions too; the bar will be serving tea & coffee as well as the discounted drinks and we'll be bringing in free munchies to keep you going. We've arranged for re-admittance too if you can't resist popping out for some fast food or you just want to check the sky hasn't fallen down ;)

It's not only the music that's going the extra mile. On top of creating a unique environment with our individual decor, we'll be bringing in the renowned NRG light & laser show by to drive the dancefloor. We'll be revelling in playing on a proper sound system... and we'll be coming up with some extra surprises too.

DJs (check back near the day for set times):

Dex (Frantic, Heat, Pickle, Cube, Pulse)
Andy McCall (hUJe, EZ-Duzzit, the Shining)
Matt Rush (Afterlife)
Jeffski B (Rebirth)
Kris Noble (hUJe)
Ben Bennett (Rush, Obsession, Elevation)
Rachel UV
Jari (Undertow, hUJe)
Ualda (hUJe)
hUJe John

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