hUJe family CD volume 1 - Xmas 2003

hUJe family vol 1

Each of the hUJe family mixes 5 records to give you a feel for how we play.

This CD was recorded in December 2003 - and you can listen to it streamed from this page. Our server streams RealAudio not mp3, so if you've not already got it you might need to install RealPlayer - download it here - you only need the basic free one which last time I looked was on the right of the page.

For a fast connection:

<A href="john2003-12.ram">[ Play ]</A>

Track 1 - hUJe John

<A href="ualda2003-12.ram">[ Play ]</A>

Track 2 - Ualda

<A href="jari2003-12.ram">[ Play ]</A>

Track 3 - Jari

sounds better on CD...