RealAudio samples

For a fast connection:

<A href="john2003-12.ram">[ Play ]</A>

hUJe John December 2003

<A href="ualda2003-12.ram">[ Play ]</A>

Ualda December 2003

<A href="jari2003-12.ram">[ Play ]</A>

Jari December 2003

<A href="ualda2002-12.ram">[ Play ]</A>

Ualda December 2002

<A href="jari2002-10-17.ram">[ Play ]</A>

Jari November 2002

For modems:

<A href="">[ Play ]</A>

Stelvio at home Sep 2001

<A href="">[ Play ]</A>

Stelvio live at the Drome Jan 2001

<A href="">[ Play ]</A>

Jari live at the Drome May 2000

More clips one day...


This page lets you listen to some demo clips that'll give you some idea of the music you'll enjoy at hUJe. These are/will be available in different formats and qualities to suit different sorts of connection - up to the space that I've got. If your connection is as good or better than the heading, you should be ok for this section.

Our server streams RealAudio not mp3, so if you've not already got it you might need to install RealPlayer - download it here - you only need the basic free one which last time I looked was on the right of the page.

RealAudio for fast connections

The first clips are recent, but you'll need a good connection - if you're not at work, you'll probably need Broadband, cable or ISDN... but if you've a 56k modem and you think your internet access is quite quick, give it a go. If it keeps pausing while it downloads some more, give up!

RealAudio for Modems

The earlier clips are a bit old and recorded for Undertow - they're deliberately low quality, recorded like this to suit the equipment that most people had a couple of years ago. You should be able to listen to them online (without downloading them first), and might be ok with a 28.8k modem; 56k for sure. If you have trouble using them, try this help panel.