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You can commission us to make you a logo or banner for your party, but we don't rent out our decor any more: get in touch with Susan at Lunar Decor for rental

hUJe logos

Need our logo? To download a zipfile containing a selection of logos, click here.
If the "click here" link doesn't work in your browser, try a right-click on it and choose "save target as..." (or the equivalent if you don't use Internet Explorer) from the menu. If you fancy a mug, t-shirt or whatever with our logo on, click here

hUJe survey

Participate in the hUJe survey and get a mix to download. The survey takes around 10 minutes, to reach it click here.

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You can get emailed info about hUJe parties and family DJ bookings. To join or leave the mailing list click here.

hUJe parties & DJs looking for bookings

If you're looking for a booking or want to send us something, please CLICK HERE!

For info about OUR parties or something about the website, drop us an email to - PLEASE don't spam this address with info about other parties; if you're really convinced our lives aren't worthwhile without your mailouts, please send them to . You can also ring us on one of the info numbers on the flyer

Promoters interested in booking hUJe and family DJs

Please use the email addresses below to get in touch, use Skype to call us for free over the internet (see below) - or try ringing us on the info number that's on the flyer.

Email: Skype:
Ualda - Skype me! This is my status
hUJe John - Skype me! This is my status
Jari -
Stelvio -


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DJ shops with web ordering

As you'll gather, I'm not a big fan of trying to buy records online; the samples never seem to cover the bits of record that I want to hear, or I can't find stuff at all. If listening to stuff that I don't know, I find it too easy to buy stuff with bits in that I like, whereas when I'm in a shop I whittle down my initial selection to include only those without bits that I don't like. Anyway, when you're desperate to get a particular tune or stuck indoors with a broken ankle and worn-out records, you'll put up with almost anything, so maybe give these a try.