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hUJe membership

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  • £6 entry to hUJe Sundays (full door price £10)
  • discounts on entry to affiliated parties (correct at October 6, 2005) by showing your card at the door:
    • Twist - Sunday mornings (weekly) @ Crash
      entry £6
    • Colours - Saturday nights (monthly - on the 2nd Saturday) @ the Fridge
      discount all night (varies)
    • Menthol - Saturday nights (monthly - on the 2nd Saturday) @ the Factory
      entry £8
    • NRGized - varies (last was Saturday 4 Sep @ Mass)
      entry @ member price (varies)
    • specials - you get notified by email & text
  • birthday celebration @ hUJe - free entry for you and a discount list for your mates
  • we scan your barcode when you come to hUJe and we'll give prizes for good attendance
  • we operate a members' reward scheme for introducing new people to our mailing list and membership scheme

How to join

You can only join the membership scheme at a hUJe party. We take your picture to put on the card and take a note of your contact details as well as your birthday. During the following week we make your card to be picked up at the till from the next hUJe onwards. It costs £10 for a year's membership - you can pay a tenner on top when you join for a "hUJe member" ("comfort") T-shirt, and you're additionally entitled to order any of the other gear from our shop with the hUJe member logo on it.