In short

Energetic uplifting hard dance.
Music to keep your feet bouncing and to lift your heart up. Recent tunes with stuff that shouldn't be forgotten mixed in; each of the DJs with their unique style of mixing and choice of records. Sets that get you involved and on the dancefloor with a smile on your face and having fun.

If you want to hear some at home, there are these promotional CDs which you can pick up at hUJe parties, ask us if you see us around or you can order them here to be sent in the post. The CDs are free in person or 1p posted (Paypal won't let you charge nothing!), but if you want us to send them you need to pay for the postage. There are also samples for listening online

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DJs: hUJe extended family



The "U" in hUJe is Ualda. Her taste lies on the trancier side; her music plays with the emotions as well as the body.

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hUJe John

The "J" in hUJe is John. With a taste that leans towards hard house, and a tendency to silliness, you need to keep an eye on this one!

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For more about hUJe John, click here



Ualda's son and one of the original Undertow residents, Jari takes tunes from bouncy acid techno through trance to the edge of hard house and keeps the dancefloor jumping with a playful touch on the crossfader.

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Ualda's brother and the source of the unique Undertow sound. Stelvio's music is galloping techno trance that builds layer on layer through the set, allowing only occasional respite and mercilessly whipping the dancefloor into a frenzy. You might also bump into his identical twin, Pstelvio, who has recently started playing psychedelic.

For more about Stelvio, see the Undertow website


To find which other DJs are joining us for a particular party, check out the listings page.

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