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If you speak Polish and you were attracted by the name, we're sorry to disappoint you. We made it up from our initials to sound like the English word "huge". This website is about parties, dj-ing and decor by us and the rest of our family. We also have an eBay shop and two other sites covering some of our other interests:

As we drive round London in our hUJe cab, we can spot the people who understand Polish when they fall about laughing. If you think it's funny too, you might be interested in some of the gear we sell featuring our logo - maybe as a present for someone if not for yourself:

Where we're coming from...

john John: "We'd been partying for a decade, helping Stelvio and Susan with Undertow for ages, and making occasional parties of our own... and the time came that we couldn't resist making events more often ourselves.

What I want is music that means you can't keep your feet still, in a venue where you can relax and enjoy yourself without having to watch your back all the time, with a system that's loud but clean so the bass throbs in your chest without distortion to hurt your ears and a lightshow that drives the crowd with the music."

Call me free with Skype:
Skype me! This is my status

Call me free with Skype:
Skype me! This is my status

ualda Ualda: "In all the years we've been partying, I've met loads of beautiful people and I want to make somewhere for us all to come together; a party is for sharing energy and communicating, to meet new people who like to share with you - lots of people that know or would like to know each other; a big family.

A party should be like a carnival... balloons, confetti, bright lights, people dressed up in mad costumes, jumping and enjoying themselves; colour, music and dance.

Music has to be uplifting - it doesn't matter whether it's trance, hard house or even a bit of techno if it makes you want to dance and gives you energy. It should be flowing, to drive your emotions and your energy without making chaos in your brain, and fast; now is the time of fast things. We choose the DJs not for how famous they are but for what they play and how they do it.

The place should be colourful, relaxed and beautiful so you can enjoy where you are instead of running from one room to another, to have fun with your mates not spend all night looking for them. A place to dance, a place to talk, with the freedom to be yourself."