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Pictures of hUJe parties

A selection of the picture sets listed below, autorunning to save all that clicking: [ Start/Stop ]

Follow the links below for sets of pictures hosted on other web sites like Harderfaster and Don't Stay In (list in reverse date order!). On DSI I send you to the event page which links to all Galleries (sets of photos) for that event - on Harderfaster you get a page with a list of all the photosets linked to an event; if people didn't link them, I've put a separate link. The photos on DSI have a logo stuck on them, but you can order prints of them and also fridge magnets, mugs etc decorated with them.

Pictures since weekly parties moved to Saturday - this icon NEW PICTURES shows the most recently added pictures, usually within the last 10 days or less

Sundays at George IV

Old party pics

These go back a bit and were taken at previous parties promoted by Ualda and John

There are pictures from parties that Ualda has played at elsewhere on this site and you can find pictures that John took at Undertow parties on The Other Undertow Site.