hUJe Shopping page

We've added this page to replace the fun you might miss out on by not going shopping on a Saturday afternoon and coming to hUJe instead! If you just want to spend a few pence on something to fit a hUJe theme day, there's help to find it on eBay. If you fancy hUJe t-shirts or stuff like that, you can get it here. Plus links to some other things to do with that money burning a hole in your pocket or maybe to reduce your bills. What's more; you'll help support the party as we get a small commission.

T-shirts, mousemats, mugs etc

We're in the process of setting up a second hUJe T-shirt shop where you'll be able to print the designs onto dark colours of t-shirt and lots of other items such as long-sleeved shirts, caps and underwear. The original Photobox-based shop follows:

hUJe Spreadshirt Shop

Click here to open the Spreadshirt shop in a new window.

hUJe Photobox Shop

design for members design for members

Above is just a selection of the logos that you can get - as well as various hUJe flyers - printed onto posters, T-shirts, mousemats, mugs etc... click here

Find stuff to wear on eBay

Upcoming themes:

Interesting stuff...

Mean and green

Military surplus - brand new and previously issued. The place to go for a choice in camo net, ghilly suits etc

Alien computers

Completely crackers; take a look at the fastest, most outrageous computers money can buy: