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hUJe Saturday afternoons at Mass
Saturday 18th June 2005

A selection of pictures from hUJe parties, autorunning to save all that clicking: [ Start/Stop ]

Now things get really silly! After hUJe Friday night in the main room the night before, we'll be cracking on for the afternoon in the back room... after a short respite across the road in the 414. Don't forget you can buy 21-hour party tickets on the door on Friday night.

Following the all-boys Friday night the night before it's all girls in the afternoon - and there'll be a three-way bella-to-bella-to-bella set with Lisa London, Rachel UV and Ualda.

Once again we'll bring our hUJe gas and tea stall, extra lighting by to drive the dancefloor, revel in playing on a proper sound system... and of course transform the place as only we can with our individual decor.


Lisa London (HecticUK)
Rachel UV
hUJe John
Ualda (hUJe)
Jari (Undertow, hUJe)

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