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hUJe Friday night - Beauties and Beasts
15th July 10pm-6am - Mass MAIN ROOM

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Info for 15th July party:

Door prices:

10pm-midnight £8
after midnight £10
hUJe, Twist, Essential members (with card) £2 discount
Paying guestlist £1 discount
21-hour-party tickets (entry to hUJe Friday night, Essential @414 - our official between-party - and hUJe Saturday afternoon) available on Friday night @ 10 b4 11pm, 14 later

In July we'll be transforming Mass main room again - this time into a garden to go with our DJ theme that runs through Friday night and Saturday day: Beauties and Beasts with the DJs paired up for back-to-back sets all the way through... twelve DJs join the family for a session to remember. Another hUJe production including an even better light and colour laser show, video projections featuring the hUJe crowd, our exclusive fab UV decor, massage, laughing gas, one or two additional surprises... and of course the unique hUJe vibe.

We'd been getting such a lot of grief about more night-time parties from hUJe people that can't make it along to Saturday afternoons, that we had to find a more regular way of putting them on. We'll carry on doing Saturday afternoon each week, and 18 hour specials from time to time, but we've also started a regular Friday night event - one per month, on the third Friday. We've arranged with Essential at Club 414 for them to be our official between-party so that you can carry on partying with us in central Brixton right through from Friday night to Saturday evening.

As well as the full-on night-time party-vibe of the 18 hour specials and creating a unique environment with our individual decor, we'll be bringing in our laughing gas and tea stall and the renowned NRG light & laser show by to drive the dancefloor...

DJs (check back near the day for set times):

Paul K (EZ-Duzzit, HecticUK, Smile)
Lisa London (EZ-Duzzit, HecticUK)
Julez (Kinetic)
Rachel UV
Jari (Undertow, hUJe)
Ualda (hUJe)
hUJe John

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