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hUJe at the George
Saturday 17 September 2005

A selection of pictures from hUJe parties, autorunning to save all that clicking: [ Start/Stop ]

This week it's Jari's birthday so there's even more fun to be had. As his (and our) special treat, he gets to play back-to-back with everyone, whenever he feels like it!

...and to keep him on his best behaviour, Uncle Stelvio will be there!

If you've not experienced the George transformed for a hUJe party, you won't recognise it!


Kris Noble ( hUJe )
Stelvio ( Undertow )
hUJe John
Ualda ( hUJe )
Jari ( Undertow, hUJe )

Here's the back of the flyer if you haven't seen it already:


And here's the front (spotted yourself yet?):