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hUJe at the George
Saturday 4 February 2006

A selection of pictures from hUJe parties, autorunning to save all that clicking: [ Start/Stop ]

After a long time away we welcome Ben Bennett back this week. In the meantime, he's started up his own Brixton party - the Puzzle Project. He's back to back with Marcus Rich in the HF pollwinning combination from last June.

Another time around for Fleur UV and Ualda but the first time together for Kris and Jari so expect some new fireworks.

And all that leaves hUJe John as the only one flying solo this week. Chocks away! Lets hope he's recovered from last week's birthday celebrations.


Ben Bennett ( Puzzle Project, TND v Guilt, Byte ) B2B Marcus Rich ( Techstyle, hUJe )
Fleur UV ( hUJe ) B2B Ualda ( hUJe )
hUJe John
Kris Noble ( hUJe ) B2B Jari ( Undertow, hUJe )

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Here's the back of the flyer if you haven't seen it already:


And here's the front (spotted yourself yet?):