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hUJe at the George - Ualda & Toni Birthdays Special
Saturday 6 May 2006 11am - 8.30pm @ George IV

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There are lots of birthdays to celebrate this week. As well as Ualda and Faster Toni playing for theirs, there are several other friends coming for a birthday dance, plus Stelvio's is left over from last week. Presumably as it's a new month it'll be Rita's again too and not to be left out, Venus will have hers again as well ...though of course, it might be indelicate to point out that makes her another year older!


Ualda ( hUJe )
Faster Toni ( Caned, Raw, hUJe )
M.A.N ( The Gathering, Crossover )
Mad Theo ( Undertow, hUJe, Logic )
Venus ( hUJe )
Stelvio ( Undertow )
Jari ( Undertow, hUJe )
hUJe John

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