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Saturday 9 September 2006 11am - *3AM* @ George IV

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First hour 5
later 6

FIRST HOUR FREE if dressed Fluoro / cyber / costumed /glitzy / whatever... be decorative!
hUJe, Twist, Menthol members (with card) 2 discount
Info & blagging: 07834 809 883 (J), 07736 92 96 96 (U)

Get in free anytime by dressing up: free entry in combats, military gear etc. Click here to find something to wear on eBay

We're running a dress theme to go with the decor again this week, so if you turn up in military, combat gear etc you get in free anytime. This week's a battle and in all the sets the DJs are going up back-to-back to fight it out! Of course, if you'd rather dress cyber/fluoro or you're a bacofoil babe just make sure to be there in the first hour as usual for free entry.

Since the DJs are paired up, there's room for lots and lots so most of our mates will be there and the tunes will be tops! So, with 16 hours of music plus a bit of cool-down at the end, you should be able to pop in at some point even if you've already got other commitments.

And don't forget, we're celebrating Jari's birthday too.


11am - 1pm Jari ( Undertow, hUJe ) B2B Ualda ( hUJe )
1 - 2.30pm Manga B2B Kestas ( Crossover, Total Mayhem, EZ-Duzzit )
2.30 - 4pm SmYrKy ( Hard Drive ) B2B Seraya ( Hard Drive )
4 - 5.30pm Pascal D ( Swamp, Infectious, Wired, Obsession, hUJe ) B2B Barry Harding ( Synthetic Hardness )
5.30 - 7pm Mad Theo ( Undertow, hUJe, Logic ) B2B Rachel UV ( hUJe )
7 - 8.30pm Venus ( hUJe ) B2B Stelvio ( Undertow )
8.30 - 10pm Aaron Dando ( hUJe ) B2B hUJe John
10 - 11.30pm Nicky D ( Knowledge ) B2B Lee Beazley ( HecticUK )
11.30pm - 1am Matt E ( FlashBak ) B2B Faster Toni ( Caned, Raw, hUJe )
1 - 3am Ualda ( hUJe ) B2B Jari ( Undertow, hUJe )

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Find something on eBay to fit the dress theme: free entry in combats, military gear etc