hUJe - each Saturday at Mass
6th November from 6.30am - another official Bedlam afterparty - 12+ hour hUJe

A selection of pictures from previous hUJe parties: [ Start/Stop ]

Door prices:

before 1pm £5 (£4 if dressed costumed/colourful/outrageous)
after 1pm £6
hUJe, Twist, Essential & NRGized members (with card) £2 discount
Jedi Ravers £1 discount

The first hUJe Bedlam afterparty was such a raging success that there was no question, we just had to do it again!

On Friday 6th November it's Bedlam in the Fridge (10pm - 6am) and it's their last Friday night before moving to Saturdays. They'll be setting off a Big Bang for bonfire night. At the end of the night we'll be hot-footing it across the road to carry on in the Mass, starting hUJe at 6.30am so we run for over 12 hours, and bringing our friends Chris Humphreys & Lunar Chic (Bedlam residents and promoters) and Hannah Wild to carry on the madness and hUJe it till the evening.

Since we've missed out on a halloween hUJe we're saving our spells for this party, so we're putting Lunar Chic and Hannah Wild on together and the resident coven on hand there's likely to be some witchery afoot, we'll get the pumpkins out and light a few bonfires too.

As well as the unholy hUJe trinity, we're bringing more of the family in to brew up more magic potion. We'll have the maestro himself, Stelvio to entrance the room with his unique hard sound, and Venus to work her charms.

We've also got our two hUJely likely lads Matt E and Tony K to get those hands waving in the air and fan the flames even more.

Once again we'll be bringing in extra lighting by to drive the dancefloor, revelling in playing on a proper sound system... and of course transforming the place as only we can with our individual decor.

DJs (proper line-up to follow):

Lunar Chic (Bedlam)
Chris Humphreys (Bedlam)
Hannah Wild (Scream)
Stelvio (Undertow)
Matt E & Tony K (FlashBak)
Venus (Splash!)
Jari (Undertow, hUJe)
Ualda (EZ-Duzzit, hUJe)
hUJe John

Here's the back of the flyer if you haven't seen it already:


And here's the front (spotted yourself yet?):