Some notes for people looking for bookings

More about us

First, we want to make it clear that we're a small friendly weekly party that's gradually growing but isn't going to make anyone rich or famous; we do it for the love of dancing and playing and for the buzz that we get out of all having fun together. We have a fairly strict music policy - music to put a smile on your feet (as defined by Ualda) - because for us it's important to find what you're expecting; if you like our music one week, you're not going to be disappointed when you come back. We don't think that no-one should experiment or mix up different kinds of music, we just don't want to do it ourselves. Most of the people that come are at least familiar faces to us and each other and many are friends. The same goes for the DJs - several are actually family and the most of the rest are friends too, who will often come to dance and enjoy when they aren't playing. This doesn't mean we won't have DJs who are well-known, but we don't have DJs because they are well-known. You will also usually find a few promoters of other parties who've popped in for a chat and a dance.

All of that said...

So with a party that's usually seven hours and three of us family, it leaves at most one guest slot a week... and that's the first set so we've got the chance to finish setting up. We've a big circle of resident mates that rotate through that slot so it's hard to fit anyone else in. That said, if someone plays our kind of thing and fits in we'll try to squeeze them in... but how easy is it to explain a music policy in words? The best way to get our attention is to come along some Saturday and hear what we do, have a chat and leave us a CD if you've got one that's appropriate or see if we can get along to one of your sets somewhere (though it can be difficult fitting that in!). Let us know if you're coming so's to put you on the guest list... by Fri lunchtime's best (esp if email) - after then try texting me on the number that's on the flyer.

If all else fails...

If you can't get along you can always catch us when we're out and about clubbing or playing - check out the listings page for our bookings, and give us a CD then. I'm sorry but we no longer accept demos by post... there's an enormous pile and little prospect we'll ever listen to all of them!

Please be patient!