Directions to venues

Directions to 3rd Base & Mass

St Matthews Church, Brixton Hill, SW2

3rd Base is another (newer) club room in the church that contains Mass and the Bug Bar. It has its own entrance but is also sometimes used as an extra room for the Mass. The church is on the island in the middle of the one-way system outside the Fridge and the entrance to 3rd Base is at the opposite end of the church to the Fridge, up a few steps. The entrance to Mass is below ground level in the middle of the long side that faces towards the tube.

Mass website

Tube & bus

From Brixton tube - turn left coming out of the tube, walk up and cross the top of Coldharbour Lane outside the Brixton Ritzy cinema... St Matthews Church is visible on the island across to your right. The entrance to 3rd Base is on the nearest end of the church.


If you're coming by car, there's on-street parking in Brixton but it can be hard to find a space around midnight. Parking in the residential streets a bit further away is usually ok but anything that makes your car look like it's parked for clubbing might invite a break-in. If you park in the yard by the Mass, you're very likely to get blocked in - often by vans etc working there that don't leave until 8am. Don't park on the double red lines of the red route - even at 3am they give tickets.

Directions to Dance Industry Studio

Loughborough Junction, near Brixton

The entrance to Dance Industry Studio is right next to Loughborough Junction station, 15-20 min walk up Coldharbour Lane from the centre of Brixton. To be blunt, this is one of the dodgier bits of Brixton and we wouldn't recommend you walking there on your own in the middle of the night - take a cab or bus (see below). If there's a group of you, you're least likely to get lost by following Coldharbour Lane all the way from the Ritzy cinema (opposite McDonalds) to Loughborough Junction station (the third railway bridge you go under). The club entrance is at the far side of the bridge, next to the station entrance.

Tube & bus

From Brixton tube - turn right coming out of the tube, walk down under the railway bridge to the traffic lights outside the police station and Brixton Academy. Turn right down the far side of the police station into Gresham Road and cross the road to bus stop H. Take a bus to Loughborough Junction: before 00:20-ish there's the 345, 35 or 45 every five or ten minutes, after that there's an N35 every half an hour or so starting 01:30.

Directions to the Factory, formerly Club Supreme


It is in one of the arches under the railway between Vauxhall and Waterloo, nearer to Vauxhall than Crash but in the same bit (roughly where Cloud 9 used to be). The entrance is on the far side of the railway from the main road & river in Goding St. Tube, buses and BR to Vauxhall station and then a 50m walk along the south (further from the river) side of the railway arches towards Waterloo. If you get to Crash, you've gone past it, but not too far. If you come to a Texaco petrol station, you're on the wrong side of the railway and you've already gone quite a long way past it - turn round, go underneath the railway at the first opportunity and keep heading back towards Vauxhall; you'll pass the entrance to Crash before you get to Club Supreme.

Directions to Imperial Gardens

299 Camberwell New Road, SE5 0TF

Imperial Gardens is/was on Camberwell New Road (runs from the Oval to Camberwell) - at the Camberwell end; the entrance (not very obvious if you don't know) is under the railway bridge. I believe it has now closed - at least a lot of flats have been built all round it in which it would be impossible to sleep if it were open!

Tube & bus

tube to Oval & short bus ride towards Camberwell; 36, 185 (or N36 night bus too)... for getting off, look out for the railway bridge where bus stop and club are


tube to Brixton, cross the road to bus stop T for a slightly longer bus ride to Camberwell Green; 35, 45 (or N35) and walk 100m along Camberwell NEW Road (not Camberwell Road) - from the traffic lights at Camberwell Green you should be able to see the railway bridge where the club is.


If you're coming by car, there's plenty of room to park in the streets outside, opposite or round the back. The entrance is under the only railway bridge on Camberwell NEW Road (not Camberwell Road), maybe 100m from Camberwell Green and obvious on the A-Z.

Directions to the George IV

144 Brixton Hill, SW2 1SD

The George IV is about half way up Brixton Hill - the A23 - south of Brixton towards Streatham. If you're heading up the hill it's on the right, and it's next door to a tile showroom.

Tube & bus

From Brixton tube - cross the road when you come out and then head left past MacDonalds and The Fridge. The George is another ten to fifteen minutes walk in a straight line - and about half an hour's walk back in a wobbly line, but at least that's downhill! When you reach the derelict petrol station, you're nearly there.

Alternatively, you can take any one of the following buses outside Brixton tube (stop P or Q) and get off at Blenheim Gardens - the bus stop is opposite the pub: 45, 59, 109, 118, 133, 159, 250, 333


If you're coming by car, there's usually room to park in the street opposite (Endymion Rd). As usual, don't leave anything inviting in view. Getting there is easy by following the A23, and the pub is large and brightly lit so not hard to spot at night.

Directions to the EQ Warehouse

The East Cross Centre, Waterden Rd E15 2HN

The EQ is in the middle of an industrial estate at Hackney Wick, a mile plus from Stratford tube and close to the A12.

Tube and Docklands Light Railway

The EQ's easy enough to get to, it's just a bit of a hike from Stratford tube - so many parties provide a minibus to give you a ride between Stratford tube and the club while the trains are running. Check the details for the specific party to see if a minibus will be running. Stratford is on the Central and Jubilee lines, and also on the DLR which covers most places down to the river and across through Greenwich, not far from New Cross to Lewisham.


There are lots of nearby buses that might go close to where you are: 26, 30, 236, N236, 276, 308. If you live anywhere in Hackney, Stratford, Bow, Leyton(stone), West Ham etc it's probably easiest to take a bus. You can use the Transport for London website to find out exact directions for your journey - put in where you start from, and if you tell them postcode for the club (E15 2HN), it'll tell you how to get there by tube and bus, AND you can get a printable map of how to get from the bus stop where you get off to the club (saves wandering about in the dark!). To get to the map, you need to look at the details for your journey, and then choose END MAP for the last stage (walk from the bus stop to the club)

BR - Silverlink Metro f.k.a. North London Line

If you're near BR's Silverlink Metro, get a train to Hackney Wick which is only 5 min walk from the club. If you don't know it, this is a great little line that runs all the way from Richmond round the north of London via Acton, Willesden, Hampstead, Kentish Town, Camden, Highbury, through Hackney and Stratford then drops back down to the river at North Woolwich. The last train on a Friday night leaves Richmond about 5 to 11 and gets to Hackney Wick about 10 to 12. The first one in the morning leaves about 6-25, so there's no hanging about. Get exact train times from your start point using The National Rail Enquiries site


If you're coming by car, it's close to the A12, so it's easy from the North Circular, M25 or A2 (via the Blackwall Tunnel) and there's plenty of parking on the street outside. The EQ's no worse than any other London club for opportunistic theft from parked cars, but there it's obvious which are clubbers cars... so try to park where the door security can see. When there's a wedding party next door, they provide street patrols but they usually stop by about 2am. You still park at your own risk, and you should put your stuff out of sight (or better still in the cloakroom!).

Example journey times; North Circular (Redbridge Roundabout) 5 mins, M25 (M11, junction 27) 15 mins, Cambridge (straight down M11) and Canterbury (straight up M2, A2) are each about an hour away.

Some proper directions for the car can be found here and should be worth printing off (best in colour:).