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hUJe Sundays at the Fridge - our 4TH BIRTHDAY
Sunday 22 October 2006 1pm - 9pm @ the Fridge

Usual door prices:
Members & paupers 6 hUJe, Twist, & Menthol members, NUS cards, ES40
Paying guest list 8 Add your name to event on HarderFaster or DSI before noon Saturday & give your username / print & fill in voucher from hUJe email / show hUJe text & give your mobile number (Click to join sms/email list)
Full door price 10

FIRST HOUR FREE if dressed Fluoro / cyber / costumed /glitzy / whatever... be decorative!
Info & blagging: 07834 809 883 (J), 07736 92 96 96 (U)

Get in free anytime by dressing to theme: free entry in hUJe gear and for current members.

It's our 4th Birthday and the launch of Sunday afternoons at the Fridge. We celebrate four years since the first hUJe and three years of weekly afternoon parties in Brixton. There's free entry anytime for hUJe members and also for anyone in hUJe gear, which you can get in our shop

As you'd expect, we'll be giving the venue the magic touch of our unique decor and taking advantage of the extra space to invite along our friends for stalls, massage and dancers. We'll be bringing along munchies to help keep you going all day, and there's laughing gas for extra amusement.

Get there early before the birthday give-aways run out!

We're pleased to announce that Gloworms dancers will be our resident dancers in the Fridge, driving you into a fluffy frenzy!

We're still finalising the details of the production for this launch in the Fridge, so please check back for more info later.


1-2pm 2Shay ( Orpheus & Friends )
2-3pm Rachel UV ( hUJe ) B2B Fleur UV ( hUJe )
3-4pm hUJe John
4-5pm Stelvio ( Undertow )
5-6pm Jari ( Undertow, hUJe )
6-7pm Mad Theo ( Undertow, hUJe, Logic )
7-8pm Andy McCall ( hUJe, Love Musik, Tasty, Inspiration )
8-9pm Ualda ( hUJe )

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