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This list is for sending out emails to let you know about hUJe parties and bookings of our DJs and decor at other events - as and when they happen, plus other events where hUJe members get a discount and some others run by our mates. There's usually one email per week; occasionally more (if I forget something important - doh!); less often if we're on holiday. It's one of the very few lists that really only includes people who asked to be on it and we won't give your address to anyone else. You can read our mailing policy here.

Click here to have a look at the emails we send out.

You can use this page to remove your address from the list at any time - but the next step is manual, so you won't get a confirmation until a real person has added or removed you (which might be a few days). Adding your address to the list generates an email to that address - and you have to reply to the email before you go onto the list. This prevents some trickster adding you without your permission. We'll try very hard to make sure we apply all requested changes before sending out the next email.

This page won't work if for some reason you're using a browser that doesn't support forms, but I guess if that's the case, you're probably used to it by now :)

hUJe DSI (Dont Stay In) group

DontStayIn is a website for clubbing information, pictures and chatting. Join our DSI group for automatic inclusion on the concession list for all our events, to be kept up to date with all the news & to get to know some of our people. If you're not already a member of DSI, use the form below to ask me for an invitation which will make it easier to join. By default, DSI sends out lots of emails when stuff gets written and pictures get added, but you can turn it all off.

If emails aren't convenient

If you're not supposed to use work email for private use but can use the internet ok, join our DSI group. If you don't have regular access to email or the web, you can join our sms list instead; for weekly hUJe info to your mobile, text "join" to 07834 809 883. If you only want texts for special occasions, discount offers etc (about one per month), text "special" to the same number.

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